Market Leadership in LGSF

The UK market leader in Offsite Light Gauge Steel Framing

Scale and speed of supply

We provide a seamless process from plan and assembly drawings to site-ready panels. Our offsite capacity enables multiple components and frames to be manufactured and assembled simultaneously. This efficiency is aided by our in-house logistics services which plan ahead for delivery and on-site installation.

Since 2001 Sigmat has manufactured and supplied more load bearing, light gauge steel framing for construction projects than anyone else in the UK.

Our LGSF has completed the building superstructures in over 300 projects in variety of market sectors.

Our market leadership is founded upon experienced people with extensive construction knowledge and the proven ability to innovate new and better patented profiles which provide enhanced structural capability and alleviate the weaknesses of other light gauge systems.

We understand not only the end product but also the on-site installation and construction challenges and that is one of the key reasons why we are best suited to the offsite process.

Design for Manufacture and Assembly (DfMA).

Our mindset is one of DfMA. This fosters efficiency, certainty and cost effectiveness which helps us to achieve the earliest possible return on investment for our customers. Our carefully managed processes deliver a higher quality solution at a lower cost and in less time.

By taking responsibility for the entire offsite project management we effectively communicate between each stage of the offsite process, eliminating waste and delays both off and on-site, ensuring that follow on trades are seamlessly added to the build programme after our work is done.

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