Sigmat System Advantages

Why choose Sigmat?

Our R&D Team and a culture of product evolution and continuous improvement has enabled Sigmat to stay one step ahead of the competition with industry leading ideas and initiatives.

Recent examples below.

Sigmat High Capacity Cross-Bracing

Sigmat high capacity cross-bracing offers a heavy duty 'in-panel' for greater strength whilst reducing problems experienced with some follow-on trades (dry liners, electricians).

Sigmat Stud

The unique Sigmat load-bearing stud profile uses a double lip configuration, which together with a web stiffener rib, significantly increases the axial load capacity over that of a conventional 'C' section with a similar weight per metre.

Sheathing Board to External Walls

Improves 'racking strength', particularly important when using heavy cladding systems. Also, improved durability meaning it doesn't crack as easily.

Panel Head Track

Single piece 'Top Hat' panel head track reduces 'in-build' water ingress from floor-to-floor reducing programme build.

Bottom Track Drain Holes

Drain holes every 300mm prevents water build up in the bottom track avoiding the need to vacuum the bottom track prior to dry lining.

Panel to Panel Gasket

As part of our drive to control storey to storey water movement during the 'in-build' period we fit a 1mm neoprene gasket on our internal panels.

Sheathing Board Retaining Screw

Retaining screws use a large flat head to improve 'racking strength', particularly important when using heavy facade such as full brickwork.

Panel Bottom Track to Panel Head Retaining Screw

Sigmat screws are fitted with neoprene washer reducing likelihood of water ingress along the screen threads.

Main Connection Bolt

Patented SigBolt sits flat and level in embossed connection hole, assisting towards a flush finish for plasterboard.

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