Dawson: Trainee Site Engineer


This week we sat down with Dawson, our Trainee Site Engineer to hear about his experience so far with Sigmat.

Meet Dawson...

My time with Sigmat started as a sub-contractor initially for 2.5 years before I was employed as a Steel Fitter by Sigmat in October 2019. In April 2020 I was given the opportunity to work as Trainee Site Engineer. 

My dad works for Sigmat as Senior Site Engineer, I'm inspired by him and wanted to follow in his footsteps. When the opportunity came up for Trainee Site Engineer I was delighted. I work alongside my Dad who mentors and helps with training. We are very close which helps and he's very experienced at what he does.  

What training and development have you had?

Most of my training was in the time I was a sub-contractor, now I am mentored in my current role which I love. The internal opportunities at Sigmat are great. 

How would you describe Sigmat’s culture?

Sigmat is the first big company I've worked for. I enjoy the sense of teamwork on site and everyone communicates really well. I've been lucky to work on some of Sigmat's biggest jobs including Hull University, Windmill Hill, Perry Barr. The Site Managers at these sites have been fantastic! 


What do you like about Sigmat and what we do?

The essence behind Sigmat is teamwork, it's so important and it's clear here everyone is part of one team. I'm well looked after as well. 

The Sigmat product itself is a great system, once you understand it it's very smart. 

What’s the best part of working for Sigmat?

I love that I get to work all over the UK, as part of going to different sites I get to travel and see different parts of the UK whilst being part of a great team – and I’m looked after well with a good salary. 

What would you say to a prospective candidate?

It's a great opportunity – you get to travel, ample training is provided and there's a lot opportunity for development. 

What’s next for you at Sigmat?

I want to follow in my Dads footsteps and aim to be a fully qualified site engineer and then I hope with more experience I could manage my own site one day and become a senior. 

How do you like to spend your spare time?

I'm very close with my family, girlfriend and friends so at weekends I enjoy socialising with them and relaxing. 

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