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The essence of what it is like to work with us ... The Sigmat Spirit

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The Sigmat Spirit - Our Core Values

We've come a long way since the business started in 2001 with just two people, we've been through several rebrands and we are now a 200+ strong people-focused team and growing by the week. Despite us being spread all over the UK we work closely as a team  - at Sigmat you're a name, not a number. 

We know you're probably expecting to see four or five words here that captures Sigmat. Well you might be disappointed to read that we don't have values! Of course we do have many values, but we don't think we need a list of words to define how we work - we think everyone should act with integrity and everyone should be able to work as a team..

We appreciate that you'll want to know what it's like to work here at Sigmat, so why not take a look at our LinkedIn page to see the kind of stuff we are sharing - we like food, we celebrate diversity, we recognise each other's efforts and celebrate company and individual successes. We work hard but we are rewarded. 

We know we need to capture this somehow, and that's why we call it the Sigmat Spirit. This captures the essence of what it's like to work with us! Keep checking us out to see what we get up to. 

Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement is key to any business' success. As we know, happy employees = productive working! We're realistic - we know people aren't going to be happy 100% of the time, but we have a great team ethos and look out for each other. Our first engagement survey scored at 80% and we've put in place a number of ideas that were suggested through the survey. 

Teams get together on a regular basis, and we hold a business update meeting once a quarter to let everyone know how the company is performing. Our Directors sit in the offices with their teams, so engagement is constant - our teams are encouraged to speak up if they have an idea, no idea is a bad idea. 


Here at Sigmat we are big believers in the power and impact of diversity and inclusion. We are proud of our diverse workforce - currently spanning 13 different nationalities and multiple faiths. We are committed to ensuring our employees and contractors work in an environment that is inclusive of everyone, and everyone who walks through our doors is treated with dignity and respect.

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