445m2 Luxury Home

12 days on site build time

2 Storey, 7 Bedroom, 6 Bathroom Luxury Home

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One Sigmat frame allow multiple style and design scope, each house can be bespoke to your taste but benefit from the frame economies of scale

One Frame - Multiple Styling Options

The Standard 445m2 Sigmat frame allows for multiple finishing options customised to your style

Product Code: BSH445A

Product Code: BSH445B

Arts & Crafts
Product Code: BSH445C

Built across 2 floors and featuring 5 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms and two large double garages. Beautiful, open hallway leading to large spacious family room, open plan dining and a double garage designed to accommodate four 4x4 cars. 

Internal and external walls constructed in high spec Sigmat panels, and robust 180mm trapezoidal concrete floor construction on the first and second floor. 

Standard Floor Plans for 445m2 House Type

Ground Floor 235m2

First Floor 210m2

Why Choose Sigmat Steel Frames

Speed of Construction

Sigmat 'MAGNUS' house type benefits from just 12 days on site build time, with follow-on trades able to commence on site earlier. Providing programme surety and reduced timescales. 


As a key solution in MMC and Offsite Construction, Light Gauge Steel Framing is fully recyclable. Enhance your “Green Credentials” compared to traditional methods with larger carbon footprints.

Reduced Fire Risk

Reduced fire risk in comparison to the nature of timber framing, the Sigmat concrete floors also add an extra level of protection providing added ‘peace of mind’ for the occupant. Timber  framing generally have high in-build fire protection costs.

Concrete Floors

Concrete floors improve the deadening sound quality between ground floors and first floor. The durability also allows for larger louds to be applied to the floors (for example heavier baths etc). In addition, concrete slab has great heat prevention and retention properties.

Technical Data

Fire, Thermal and Acoustic Testing Data

External Wall

Thermal Performance = 0.18W/m2k

Fire Rating = 30 minutes 

Internal Wall

Acoustic Performance = 46 (Rw) dB

Fire Rating = 30 minutes


Minimum Acoustic Performance = 49 (Rw) dB

Minimum Fire Rating = 30 minutes

Alternative House Types in the Sigmat Luxury Housing Range

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