Apr 2014 - Sigmat achieve ISO 9001


Sigmat achieve ISO 9001

In order to grow as a company and cement ourselves as industry leaders we needed to create a Quality Management System that would guide us through continuous improvement. We had a QMS for a single part of our business, but it wasn't suited for our company vision as a whole.

Our consultants listened carefully to our needs and worked with our Quality Department to offer the package we were looking for. We have had our manual and base documentation designed for our needs and has continued to add specific company processes, policies and forms based upon the format that ISO 9001 was able to provide us.

During this last short two months, we have begun our implementation process and have had our systems tested by current and new customers and we are proud to say that the results have been very positive with some opportunities for improvement, but zero nonconformities.

The BSI and our consultants continue to assist us with minor questions in a prompt and courteous fashion.

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