Mar 2022 | Celebrating International Women's Day - Meet Sarah


Celebrating International Women's Day - Meet Sarah

Today is International Women’s Day 2022 and what better way to celebrate than hearing about our next employee journey. Meet Sarah, our Head of Structural Design, who has been with Sigmat for over 10 years! 

Sarah is responsible for our team of engineers throughout the country, heading up a team of almost 20. She began her career with Sigmat as a Graduate Engineer in October 2011, straight out of university and over the last decade progressed through a number of roles.

Can you tell us about your role at Sigmat? 

Starting my career as a Graduate, I quickly progressed to Senior, then Principle, then Design Director South, and now Head of Structural Design. Working in the structural industry brings new challenges with every new contract. I love sharing LGSF industry knowledge with my team to bring sustainable and suitable solutions within our build system. Part of the challenges are the intricate details of a project and many different aspects to engineer solutions for. Trying to balance on a day-to-day what is the most important task can be challenging but when things fall into place it is incredibly rewarding. 

The best thing is when you are driving down the road, and all of a sudden your building pops up. It is a reminder of the impact you can have on the changing landscape of a city. I love seeing a completed build!

What's your favourite thing about working at Sigmat? 

The wonderful thing about working at Sigmat is the people, we have a great set of personalities. At Sigmat we are always working to the most sustainable design we can achieve with the building layout, I’m currently enjoying helping the design of the latest set of sigmat profiles. 

As busy mum of two young children, and with more and more female engineers working in the industry, particularly in more recent years, Sarah commented “It’s amazing how many more females are present on site and in the office environment. I hope more women will want a career in engineering and see that you can have both a family and such a rewarding career side by side.

I have always felt incredibly supported by Sigmat throughout my career and have never felt restricted by my gender, my mentors have always been supportive of me throughout my maternity leaves and with my progression throughout the last 10.5 years. Over the years I have made the most of flexible working arrangements, which allowed me to create a healthy work life balance.

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