Design to Installation

True offsite starts and finishes with a single partner

1 Design

Our in-house building designers and Structural Engineers utilise Tekla BIM software to design the appropriate and most efficient building super that are EC3 compliant. Each solution is rendered via Tekla into a 3D, BIM ready model.

We can take your design and virtually test if it really is the optimal solution or we can take a blank canvass and design the optimised solution for you. The earlier you engage with our structural design team when you have a project in mind, the greater the opportunity to enhance a rapid return on your investment.

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Good design is also cost effective. It considers the many ways money can be saved as well as the structural integrity. For instance, via our design expertise we have created many unique, patented sections and profiles which have a direct benefit to the build speed and finished frame quality of our onsite installation teams.

You can also be certain that early certification for statutory approvals is achieved as part of our process.

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2 Manufacture

Once the design is approved, information from Tekla is automatically transferred directly to our cold rollforming mills, ensuring absolute accuracy from design to manufacturing of every section and profile. Each component is barcoded to track each part from manufacturing to delivery on site.

Hot rolled components such as three versions of staircases and podium are also manufactured in-house – once again enabling Sigmat to provide a self sufficient service to customers by eliminating waiting times for components from third party suppliers.

3 Assemble

Our controlled offsite assembly facility enables us to pre-assemble our load bearing frames to storey height prior to delivery.

Our meticulous, controlled offsite assembly enables us to pre-assemble every structure to storey height internal and external wall panels prior to delivery. It is your reassurance that once sent to site, everything will fit into place and everything will be robust. It also means the build time will be shorter and that on site health and safety risks are reduced. Offsite assembly is not weather affected or dependent and production is scheduled to meet deadlines. It is reliable and repeatable and that is cost effective.

We’re not just saving time by assembling offsite, we are also actively liaising with the site itself to ensure deliveries are scheduled and expected to meet the onsite build programme

Nigel McKaine, Logistics Manager, Sigmat

4 Install

Less time spent on site is less money spent on the build. Sigmat light gauge steel frame rapidly constructs the superstructure and importantly enables follow on trades to begin at the earliest opportunity.

For an efficient design, our onsite teams can construct at a rate of up to 1100m² every two weeks. Our scaffold free edge protection system is another time saving Sigmat innovation.

As each storey is completed bathroom pods and plasterboard packs can be craned into the space, again saving time.

Sigmat LGSF is also compatible with a wide variety of external clad finishes.

Our aim onsite is to get offsite as quickly as possible which is why we plan ahead and resource appropriately at the build stage

David Ellison, Head of Business Development, Sigmat


In-house building designers


In-house structural engineers


per cent increase in structural efficiency


up to 1100m² onsite build every two weeks

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