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Light Gauge Steel Framing solutions up to 15 storeys

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If you’re going to make something better then you need to consistently question and refine a product or process in order to optimise its effectiveness and efficiency.

Sigmat take this approach with offsite load bearing light gauge steel framing.

Rather than buy in random steel sections and modify them in order for them to work together we have designed, refined and manufacture a system solution to ensure it is the best available. Every single section, every single profile and every single accessory and ancillary fitting has been intelligently engineered to complement the rest. Nothing is unnecessarily added and nothing is wasted. Robust efficiency is the key.

That means not only steel sections which are 17.8% more structurally efficient than alternatives but also the detailed components such as bolts, joists and tracks that fit together perfectly because they consider each other.

And, because they fit so well, they are faster to erect onsite and that saves money. They are also more water tight because we have thought of the solution to the problem of water ingress before the part arrives on site and then has to be dealt with.

Not all light gauge steel frame solutions are the same and none are as effective as ours.

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The Sigmat system was the smoothest onsite LGSF build I’ve ever witnessed. The sections seamlessly and effortlessly fitted together and the speed of construction was equally impressive. The clever details really did make a difference

Unique patented light gauge steel framing sections and profiles

All Sigmat profile sections are manufactured using hot dipped galvanised steel to (BSEN 10143:2006) in grades from S280 and S450, as required. They have a Z275 coating and are supplied self-finished.


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Load bearing light gauge steel framing up to 15 storeys

Our patented profile shapes provide enhanced structural capability and alleviate the weaknesses of other light gauge systems. Our unique load bearing stud profiles use a double lip configuration, which together with a web stiffener rib, significantly increases the axial load capacity over that of a similar traditional 'C' section of a similar weight per metre.

All Sigmat components are roll-formed in our factory from galvanised steel coils which are pre-slit to the required profile girth. They are then pre-assembled in jigs in our factory to form storeyheight panels up to 7.5m in length.

External panels are manufactured to include pre-formed door and window openings. They are normally boarded on the external face with a suitable sheathing board or foil-faced insulation and stainless steel brick tie channels, depending on the facade finish required. This helps to provide a dry envelope construction allowing rapid commencement of internal trades.

Structurally Efficient and Immensely Strong Patented Profiles

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