Our new profiles in detail

Internal Wall Head Top Hat

The SIGMAT Internal Wall Head is a single member top hat section produced in various depths between 160mm and 200mm. It is designed to support a composite metal deck reinforced-concrete floor, or a steel joisted floor cassette on the ledger flanges. The top hats are produced in 2mm and 3mm thicknesses. The vertical wall studs fit into the inside profile of the top hat and are bolted together with cup head bolts. The profiles are manufactured with internal corner radiuses of 1.5mm and are produced as a slightly overbent section to allow the vertical studs to achieve a full contact bearing.
The top hat is the only single-piece head member available. It provides manufacturing and assembly benefits and a much-improved waterproof detail during construction. This offers a substantial advantage over alternative industry multi-part standard details and allows the finishing trades to progress much earlier than with other systems.

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