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Floor Joist

The SIGMAT Floor Joist is the principal floor beam member where a steel joisted timber cassette floor construction is required. It is produced in narrow and wide flange versions in various depths between 100mm and 220mm in material thicknesses between 1.2mm and 3mm.

The principal features of the SIGMAT stud are the additional return lips and the web rib stiffener which combine to provide the significant increase in capacity compared with a traditional 'C' section joist.

Joists are typically provided at 450 and 600mm centres, in either a single or back-to-back format and pre-assembled off-site into multiple piece cassettes which span between load bearing walls. The joists are connected to end track joists using our recess boss and boss bolt details to provide a flush bolted connection through pre-punched close tolerance holes. This creates a fully framed pre-formed panel, boarded on the upper face with BWP plywood, OSB board, or similar.

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