Who we are

From its inception in 2001, Sigmat has uniquely specialised in the design, manufacture and build of load bearing light gauge steel framed (LGSF) structures to meet the burgeoning demand for offsite construction solutions. Our innovative approach has ensured that we are the largest constructor in this sector.

As a team, we have decades of relevant experience in steel frame and structural steel projects, as well as a detailed working knowledge of the industry-leading software and technologies used in the design and manufacturing stages.

We work closely with contractors, architects and industry bodies to attain innovative industry-leading specifications and fully-compliant, accredited systems.

Because of its inherent economic and environmental advantages, it is generally anticipated that the offsite construction growth will continue to outpace that of traditional construction. With our “source to site” solution now in place we are ideally placed to grow ahead of headline offsite growth rates.

Focus on Innovation

We are the first LGSF Company in the UK to offer the complete cycle of design, manufacture, assembly and construction. It provided us with a source-to-site perspective from which our multidiscipline management team co operate seamlessly in innovating and improving at each point across the cycle.

The results of our Innovative Culture include:

  • Unique steel profiles which are 17.8% more structurally efficient than standard steel sections
  • Our standalone LGSF structures for up to15 storeys
  • A series of in house developed and patented steel profiles and fixings
  • A new 100,000 sq ft offsite manufacturing facility which incorporates a unique offsite assembly facility.
  • A resultant cross team rapid development and deployment process for increasingly large scale projects.



More structurally efficient patented 100mm sections


Our standalone LGSF structures for up to15 storeys


sq ft offsite manufacturing facility


up to 1100m² onsite build every two weeks

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