At a glance

Sigmat is the leading European manufacturer of cold rolled steel components and panelised structural steel frames, designed, detailed, manufactured, assembled and installed in light gauge steel building construction. Founded in 2001, the business has grown rapidly to become the European market leader in its field. 

Key to our success is the need for early engagement with architects, designers, developers and construction contractors. 

With decades of relevant experience in steel frame and structural steel projects, we are ideally placed to advise on design optimisation for LGSF buildings. 


Focus on Innovation

Since our inception, we have invested heavily in continuous improvement and product innovation. After almost 20 years and over 300 successfully delivered projects, we can proudly boast a number of industry firsts and several unique patented product innovations. Our ability to manage the entire process from design, manufacture, assembly and on-site installation allows us to integrate the complete solution, guaranteeing programme efficiency and certainty. 

Recent successes in product innovation:

  • A series of in house developed and patented steel profiles and fixings
  • Unique steel (sigma) stud profile are 17.8% more structurally efficient than standard steel stud sections
  • Patented panel head track (top hat) for improved water ingress 
  • Unique Sigmat designed bolt used in panel assembly 
  • Unique Sigmat designed heavy duty cross bracing improving speed of follow-on dry liners 
  • A range of in-build water management / ingress measures to improve access for follow-on trades
  • Our standalone LGSF structures for up to 15 storeys, with options to build higher using hybrid hot rolled steel/LGSF construction 


Sigmat Spirit - Our Core Values

We've come a long way since the business started in 2001 with just two people, we've been through several rebrands and we are now a 200+ strong people-focused team and growing by the week. Despite us being spread all over the UK we work closely as a team  - at Sigmat you're a name, not a number. 

We know you're probably expecting to see four or five words here that captures Sigmat. Well you might be disappointed to read that we don't have values! Of course we do have many values, but we don't think we need a list of words to define how we work - we think everyone should act with integrity and everyone should be able to work as a team..

We know we need to capture this somehow, and that's why we call it the Sigmat Spirit. This captures the essence of what it's like to work with us! Keep checking us out to see what we get up to. 


More structurally efficient patented 100mm sections


Our standalone LGSF structures for up to15 storeys


sq ft offsite manufacturing facility


up to 1100m² onsite build every two weeks

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