Light Gauge Steel Framing

Offsite Construction Manufacturer

Cost-efficient and faster modern method of construction

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Shorter Build

Shorter Programme

20%-40% faster construction compared to traditional building methods. Less dependent on 'wet-trade' labour resource.  


Build Accuracy

Accuracy and precision of up to 1mm per structural storey height, negates need for guesstimate soft joints to outer leaf fixtures.

Reduced Carbon Footprint

Reduced Carbon Footprint

Considerable reduction in production of onsite waste material, and up to 20% reduction in embodied carbon in building fabric.  

Reduced Cost

Lower Build Cost

10%-15% lower cost depending on efficiency of follow on trade.

Over 300 projects nationwide

Byron House, Nottingham

Student Accommodation

Over 900 student accommodation rooms across 5 blocks in city centre of Nottingham.

Lower Steenberg's Yard, Newcastle


 5-storey building with 28 stylish two and three-bedroom homes in the Ouseburn. 

Holiday Inn, Stockport


7-storey superstructure with 115 bedrooms. Sigmat hot rolled steel staircases & steel podium transfer. 

Windmill Hill, Birmingham


304 apartments across 3 blocks, residential at Windmill Hill in Birmingham. 

Product Solutions

Manufacturing Excellence

Manufacturing capability and product ingenuity

Design to Installation

True offsite starts and finishes with a single partner

Volumetric Panels

Pre-panelised loadbearing external wall panels

Sigmat System Features

Comprehensive range of LGSF building solutions

Structural Systems Comparison

Appraisal of system solutions

LGSF Super Structures

Light Gauge Steel Framing solutions up to 15 storeys

Rolled Steel Components

Trapezoidal decking, Z & C purlins, SFS

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