Stairs, Banisters & Balconies

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Sigmat Stairs, Balconies & Banisters provided to high specification. 

Hot Rolled Steel Staircases

Three options available: 

  1. Standard Steel Tread 
  2. Steel Tread with 22mm bonded CP board inserts
  3. Steel stairs with 50mm steel pan to allow screed by others

Half Landings

Two options available:

  1. Concrete half landings using SigDeck trapezoidal decking sheets 
  2. LGSF half landing cassette with 22mm bonded CP board insert

HRS Steel Staircase


  • Easily incorporated into the LGSF frame when designed from the outset 
  • Hot rolled galvanised steel frame 
  • 22mm CP board landing cassette

HRS Balcony with Over Canopy

Banisters and Handrails for Stairs and Balconies

Three options available: 

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