Apr 2019 - Sigmat Picks Up Its First Invisible Award!


Sigmat’s Construction Director Paul Smith has sent out a company-wide thank you to the entire team after a combined effort helped secure yet another prestigious ‘award with a difference’.

Edinburgh based Places for People (PFP) is one of the largest companies of its type in the UK, specialising in property management, development, urban regeneration and leisure.

And it has just named Sigmat as one of its top contractors of 2018 but, as Paul Smith explains, it is an award that has recognised something of an ‘intangible’.

“So many awards pay tribute to architects, building design and even methods of construction,” he said, “however, there is an ‘invisible’ contributor to the success of every project. It involves everyone, you can’t touch it, you can’t see it and, for that reason, it often gets missed…..it is called delivering on time, within budget and safely. And, all of these are usually wrapped up under the generic heading Key Performance Indicators or KPIs,” said Paul.

He said that KPIs existed as a measure of performance and were there to identify bad performance as well as good.
“Places for People highlighted Sigmat’s high-quality performance on the Waterfront 2 project, two blocks of residential apartment  – 64 units in total -  on Edinburgh’s Leith Waterfront, where our delivery was deemed so good that we were named one PFP’s top contractors in 2018 because of our strict adherence to established KPIs. More to the point we were deemed to have scored the highest number of points on the weekly KPI's over a 12 month period.”

 “When you consider that Places for People has assets in excess of £3 billion, manages some 182,500 homes with a 1,000 build programme over the next five years, it is safe to say that they have stringent systems and processes so, to have won this inaugural award, is a thrill for the entire team and everyone is so deserving of it.”

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