In-House Design Capability

Our early involvement in the design process allows project innovations

Meet our Design Team

Our in-house building Designers and Structural Engineers utilise Tekla BIM software to design the appropriate and most efficient building superstructures that are EC3 compliant. Each solution is rendered via Tekla into a 3D, BIM ready model.

We can take your design and virtually test if it really is the optimal solution or we can take a blank canvass and design the optimised solution for you. The earlier you engage with our structural design team when you have a project in mind, the greater the opportunity to enhance a rapid return on your investment.

Good design is also cost effective. It considers the many ways money can be saved as well as the structural integrity. For instance, via our design expertise we have created many unique, patented sections and profiles which have a direct benefit to the build speed and finished frame quality of our onsite installation teams. You can also be certain that early certification for statutory approvals is achieved as part of our process.

In-House Design Team

Our design team consists of 55 designers and detailers, including 18 structural engineers providing an experienced sounding board for project ideas and collaboration. 

Early Engagement

Early engagement with the design team is the most efficient and cost-effective way to work. 

Optimise your LGSF project

Skilled structural engineers work collaboratively to optimise your LGSF scheme.


Working collaboratively with design allows for early certification for statutory approvals 

Meet our Design Team

Early engagement with design is key in maximising the efficiencies of an LGSF scheme.


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