Bespoke Engineered Light Gauge Steel Framing System

Meet the Manufacturing Team Manufacturing Excellence

Once the design is approved, design specifications from Tekla are automatically transferred directly to our cold roll forming mills, ensuring absolute accuracy from design to manufacturing of every cold rolled component section and profile. Hot rolled fabricated panel strengthening components are manufactured in parallel ready for final assembly. Each component is barcoded and moves to the panel assembly area where it is assembled into finished panels.


Guaranteed technical accuracy of sections and timescales due to efficient programming and factory facilities. 

Structurally Efficient

17.8% more structurally efficient buildings with patented components.

Scale & Speed

We provide a seamless process from plan and assembly drawings to site-ready panels. Our offsite capacity enables multiple components and frames to be manufactured and assembled simultaneously. 

Continuous Improvement

Heavy investment in R&D and improvements leading to a number of industry firsts, including a number of patented components for increased efficiency and a range of water management solutions. 

Our Manufacturing Facility

100,000sqft factory 

100,000 sqft manufacturing facility in West Yorkshire. All Sigmat components are roll-formed in our factory from galvanised steel coils. 

State-of-the-art Machinery

Range of modern machinery streamlines factory processes and provides technical accuracy. Rolling mill is fitted with fully automated data control systems to receive numerical data direct from the 3D CAD software.


Manufacturing of a variety of hot rolled steel elements to form steel staircases and cantilevered balconies, offering clients a complete structural envelope from one source. 

Patented Components

 Range of unique patented components giving structural advantage, including the Sigmat load bearing stud profile and single piece Top Hat wall head member.

Meet our Manufacturing Team


Our offsite capacity enables multiple components and frames to be manufactured and assembled simultaneously. This efficiency is aided by our in-house logistics services which plan ahead for delivery and on-site installation.


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