Feb 2020 - Poland in the spotlight...


Continuing with our Year of Diversity initiative, we have decided to spotlight Poland for February. Sigmat have quite the Polish representation, so were inundated with facts and information about their home country.

A special mention to Design Engineer, Lukasz Sordyl, who made us aware of a Polish tradition known as Fat Thursday (TÅ‚usty Czwartek). Once a year, this day gives Polish people the chance to overindulge on food, ahead of Lent, similarly to Shrove Tuesday. So, to continue celebrating our year of diversity our offices and sites across the country enjoyed a selection of doughnuts with their morning coffee.

Our Polish colleagues are divided on the best Polish cuisine, with a close tie between Pierogies and Golabki (minced meat cabbage rolls). However, Sernik, cheesecake made with cottage cheese, was a clear winner!

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