Feb 2022 | Sam Batty - My Sigmat Journey


Sam Batty - My Sigmat Journey

As a people focused business, we are constantly looking for ways to develop our young talent and give opportunities for growth. With secondments to different departments, opportunities for progression. 

Meet Sam Batty, our Project Controller, who joined the company in 2019. 

Following a successful entry to the business as CRM Coordinator, Sam now works within the Commercial team, assisting the team to manage the cost forecasting and commercial analysis. Read about Sam’s Sigmat Journey so far…

Sigmat was my first professional role. At the age of 18, following a successful place at Westminster to study Real Estate, I didn’t feel university was the right route for me so I took a year out and worked part-time in sales with a local bakery. 

I really wanted to get into property and found the construction process very interesting, I was really excited to join Sigmat as CRM Coordinator as it was a foot in the door into the industry.

I am currently working as Project Controller, working within the wider Commercial team. I help look after the cost forecasting and commercial performance analysis. This analysis gives the wider team real end-to-end costing from forecast through to actuals taking into account materials, factory, labour and overheads. This gives accurate business data, both historically and current.

As part of my progression, the Senior Leadership Team wanted to expand the resource in this department and identified the knowledge I had previously gained in the business would assist on achieving the complete 360 view.

Prior to this position, I worked in the Manufacturing department, working with the team we managed production planning, factory programming, material forecasting, forecasting of production capacity and stock control, as well as help implement a robust process for these responsibilities. Additionally, I helped identify general IT process improvement to streamline wider data processes to receive more reliable information in order to more accurately forecast.

I first joined the factory side of the business as Logistics Assistant where I helped move finished goods from the factory or external partners to the site teams, in a ‘just-in-time’ delivery approach. I helped reshape the despatch system to streamline the process on the shop floor of loading articulated trailers, increase productivity as well as give 99% accuracy of delivery data. Working with various stakeholder groups within the factory I was able to identify a solution to a multitude of challenges and by working collaboratively we were able to get the best business system put into place to help all departments in their day to day working.

I started my career at Sigmat as CRM Co-ordinator, within the estimating function, to manage and maintain the CRM, receive and log enquiries, to learn about the product and  Sigmat’s overall offering.

Throughout all the various roles, I have had a very supportive team network which resulted in regular on-the-job training. Along with CAD training, I did do a Quality in Construction Course which highlighted the construction process in more detail and which specifications must be adhered to at every stage. This helped me understand the wider construction process and where the Sigmat product sits within the market.

As pioneers within MMC, the Sigmat team all strive to innovate and adapt. I feel supported by my immediate and wider team, and the Senior Leadership Team consistently identify opportunities for me to progress and learn

Sigmat offers a fantastic product with clear and defined USP's centralised around sustainable construction program improvement and incorporates modern manufacturing processes into a traditional market. The offsite construction market is forward-thinking and innovative, and is clearly the future of construction

For me, it has given me the opportunity to meet new people from all walks of life and has put me in situations I would never have imagined. It’s given me the opportunity to network with senior industry leaders and those who have influenced the offsite construction market and where it is today

Working at Sigmat gives you a great foothold in a rapidly-growing market, within a business that is not constrained by age or profile. By working for Sigmat, you are also joining the world of Etex who, as a global player in the market, offer opportunities worldwide and across a number of areas within construction. 

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