Feb 2022 | Sigmat Celebrate National Apprenticeship Week 2022


It's National Apprenticeship Week 2022! To celebrate, we caught up with some of our wonderful apprentices who are working across the business in a variety of roles to hear about their experience. 

Meet Sonny, Apprentice Structural Detailer 

My apprenticeship is in Structural detailing and Draughting. The qualification I am working towards whilst doing my apprenticeship is a Level 3 BTEC in Construction and built environment. In terms of learning new skills there is lots of technical information that I have had to pick up, however the most important skill that I have learnt is the ability to utilise Tekla. Using Tekla efficiently is a key aspect of becoming a structural detailer. I still have many more things to learn about the detailing software. Another example of a skill I have learnt is the ability to interpret graphical information through the means of particular drawings. This is also a key aspect of being a draughtsman.

I enjoy the workplace environment along with the close knit personal communications with colleagues. I also enjoy overcoming different problems and acquiring solutions independently.

Any advice, hints or tips for others considering an apprenticeship?

Make sure that you are familiar with the apprenticeship you are applying for along with the roles that you wish to progress to within that company.

What do you hope to do once your apprenticeship finishes?

I hope to progress to a fully qualified and knowledgeable detailer that is an asset.

Meet Kuba, Apprentice Structural Detailer 

Structural Detailing is my apprenticeship. On a daily basis, I will generate models and drawings for usage on site or in the factory using Tekla, a modelling software.

So far, I've learnt a variety of Tekla functions and how to use the software effectively. Furthermore, being able to do a 6-week block training in both the factory and on-site has broadened my knowledge of the industry in which I work. This provided me with a far greater grasp of the company's overall operations.

Things I enjoy most about this apprenticeship are that the job role I am in has allowed me to work and interact with multiple sectors of the company allowing me to continuously gain more knowledge of the industry and being able to continue my learning in the BTEC I am currently doing.

Any advice, hints or tips for others considering an apprenticeship?

The most crucial piece of advice I received was to never be hesitant to ask questions. Even if a question appears to be easy, it can make a significant difference in the apprenticeship learning process.

What do you hope to do once your apprenticeship finishes?

I intend to stay in the detailing sector once my apprenticeship is through because I have enjoyed my time here so far. But, in the long run, I'd like to see what other positions the firm have to offer.

Meet Mitchell, Apprentice Structural Detailer 

From my apprenticeship with Sigmat I’ve learned how to design and detail using Tekla Structures. I have also learned how the company operates from planning and design, to manufacturing and transporting materials in the factory, through to installing and erecting the light gauge steel frames on site. 

Everyone is really friendly and willing to help. I have always felt valued here and when I joined, I was introduced to some of the directors who took the time to get to know me and talk about the opportunities working for Sigmat will bring. These are small things that helped me feel a part of the team and feel welcome from the beginning.

Any hints or tips for someone thinking about an apprenticeship?
I would say do it! And don’t feel put off if you’re a bit older than the typical out of school age apprentice. And ask as many questions as you can!

After my apprenticeship I hope to continue developing my career and continue gaining higher qualifications.

Meet Isobelle, Apprentice Structural Engineer

My apprenticeship is in structural engineering which, in simple terms, involves crunching the numbers and coming up with design solutions so that your building will not fail and collapse.

In this job, every day is a learning day: the design of structural members requires you to look at problems from different perspectives which keeps you on your toes. You must be a mathematician to calculate the forces which act on members, a business person to make the design economic in terms of budget, and a project manager to control your time effectively and interact with clients.

Since starting my apprenticeship with Sigmat, I have found the support that has been available to me has been fantastic. On a day-to-day basis, my direct line manager looks after me by teaching design concepts and answering any questions I might have. Within specific projects, your unique team provides additional help with any problems, giving fresh views on both familiar and new concepts to stretch your understanding. 

The work environment is very friendly and it truly feels like you could go to anyone in the company, no matter their position, for assistance, and they would do their best to help you.

If anyone is considering an apprenticeship. I’d say to do it!

Admittedly, it is difficult to manage your time effectively to hold down a full-time job and study at the same time however, it is possible and 100% worth it! I believe that the benefits of an apprenticeship far outweigh the associated difficulties: gaining experience within a workplace gives you a huge advantage over others as you learn the essential soft skills associated with working, including the ability to speak to your colleagues and conduct yourself well within a working environment.

What I Hope to do After my Apprenticeship Ends?

After my apprenticeship ends, I would like to work abroad and on larger projects, which will provide new challenges!

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