Jan 2021 | 10 Reasons Why LGSF is the Future of Construction

Sustainable, safe, cost-efficient ..


It is widely accepted that MMC will play a central role in construction delivery moving forward. 

Due to its unique credentials, MMC and subsequently LGSF have been put under the spotlight during the pandemic. As an industry, construction has shown unparalleled resilience by keeping sites open, embracing collaborative working and embracing pioneering technologies. With its offsite, factory controlled manufacturing capabilities and reduced site requirements, the Sigmat LGSF System is perfectly placed to become the build technology of choice as we head into a new era of construction.

To find out more about the key benefits of LGSF, Sigmat’s Drawing Office Director, Mat O’Brien, gave us his Top Ten Reasons why LGSF is the future.

  • Safe construction method – in line with the ‘new normal’ LGSF build requires far less operatives onsite which promotes better social distancing, allowing sites to stay open whilst safeguarding operatives.
  • Highly sustainable –  With the manufacture of concrete accounting for around 9% of the world’s total carbon emissions, (3 times more than the aviation industry) steel frame structures, are, by their very nature, immediately more environmentally friendly. Sigmat produces its steel frames using at least 42% recycled content and a staggering 97% of its manufacturing waste is also recycled enabling them to maintain their 100% ‘no-landfill’ policy. Reduced transportation requirements, minimal site waste and over 90% end of life recyclability all contribute to making LGSF one of the most sustainable construction methods on the market today.
  • Flexible design – LGSF offers endless customisation options and can be adapted to suit almost any design. From commercial to residential and single self-builds to large super-structures and can embrace a range of design styles
  • Cost-effectiveReduced on-site build times & 10%-15% lower cost depending on efficiency of follow on trade. Allowing more precise management of budgets and lower costs.
  • Speed of build & programme surety – LGSF offers 20-40% faster construction compared to traditional building methods and is far less dependent on ‘wet-trade’ labour resource. 
  • Early access to follow on trades – a huge plus for clients especially those who have utilised LGSF on multiple projects. Once clients are familiar with the technology they are able to adapt their build programmes to enable early access for follow on trades. This facilitates huge reductions in overall site durations
  • Reduced Access Constraints – LGSF structures can pretty much be built anywhere, even on sites with awkward access issues so it is ideal for tight, city centre sites.
  • Non-combustible – Light gauge steel structures are 100% non-combustible which is now a code requirement of all UK builds. Although steel can lose its strength in fire, if it is protected with suitable fire rated sheeting it can withstand the challenges of fire.
  • Durable & high quality – steel can, quite literally last a lifetime. LGSF structures do not rot, shrink, warp or decompose. Unlike traditional hot-rolled options, the steel is galvanised prior to rolling. This offers unparalleled durability and removes the need for future painting and maintenance.
  • Optimised site management –as LGSF demands precise design and planning the exacting pre-construction phase helps enable more efficient project management, budget management and ultimately project management and timescale planning.
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