Jan 2021 | Green Agenda - Sigmat Sustainability Committee

Statement from the CEO


Concern for the environment and promoting a broader sustainability agenda are integral to our core values.
We are committed to creating and maintaining good sustainable practises which reduce environmental impact to our activities and of each project.

Our commitment to sustainability and social value is at the heart of all we do. For us there is no distinction between being a successful business and an environmentally conscious corporate entity. Globally, we face a Climate Emergency and in order to contribute positively we all have to play our part to halt climate change and combat its potentially devastating effects. We have set ourselves an ambitious target to become 100% carbon neutral by 2035.
Mark Eburne, CEO, Sigmat

Preparing For A Bright, Greener Future

With a strong focus on innovation, our overriding aim is to reduce the impact our business has the environment by providing effective, goal focussed solutions for our clients,  protecting our team and safeguarding the communities we work in.

Our sustainability agenda focusses on three key areas: 

Building The Best

LGSF technology, is, by its very nature, one of the most sustainable construction methods on the planet. By harnessing the power of recyclable steel combined with world class design, we build forever structures that have minimum impact on the environment.

Protecting The Planet

All of our structures are built using 42% recycled materials and as steel is one of the world’s most re-usable materials (with impressive 90%+ recovery credentials) our building process is one of the most sustainable in the industry. Less materials also means reduced transportation requirements and the pre-fabricated nature of our designs means we can ensure site waste is virtually eliminated. Finally, with a 30% faster build speed and less operatives on site, LGSF offers safe, socially distanced site options for MMC in the post-pandemic world.

Creating Communities

By working with innovative main contractors, talented architects and world-class designers we create low-impact structures that work for modern life. From education to leisure and residential to commercial, our projects all aim to enhance the built environment and create sustainable communities.

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