Mar 2021 | New sustainable flooring solution


New sustainable flooring solution

We're delighted to offer a cross laminated timber floor panel solution to increase the eco-rating of the Sigmat structure. 

With sustainable construction at the forefront on the building agenda, we are delighted to increase our market offering.

LGSF sustainability credentials

With the manufacture of concrete accounting for around 9% of the world’s total carbon emissions, (3 times more than the aviation industry) steel frame structures, are, by their very nature, immediately more environmentally friendly.

Sigmat produces its steel frames using at least 42% recycled content and a staggering 97% of its manufacturing waste is also recycled enabling them to maintain their 100% ‘no-landfill’ policy. Reduced transportation requirements, minimal site waste and over 90% end of life recyclability all contribute to making LGSF one of the most sustainable construction methods on the market today.

Timber Composite Flooring Solution
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