May 2020 - Homes England Commissioned MMC Research to Drive Innovation in Construction


Homes England has commissioned MMC research to drive innovation in the construction industry with the aim of the research  “to encourage more widespread use of MMC technologies”.

In a press release, Homes England stated "As part of the government housing agency’s strategic objective to improve construction productivity and encourage the uptake of MMC in housing delivery, a series of Homes England’s own sites will participate in the study, delivering ambitious levels of MMC which are higher than the market norm." 

Acknowledging that "modern methods of construction have the potential to be significantly more productive than traditional building methods; allowing homes to be built more quickly, addressing labour and skills shortages and improving the quality, consistency and energy efficiency of newly built homes." 

The research will explore a range of themes, including construction cost and pace of build compared to traditional building methods, skills required, safety performance, snagging and defect issues, construction wastage, energy efficiency performance and post-occupation performance.

Read the full release here

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