Nov 2022 | Sigmat Invest In New Production Line as the Industry Demands more PMV


Sigmat Invest In New Production Line as the Industry Demands more PMV

With production innovation at the very heart of our approach, we are delighted to announce that our pioneering R&D team have further developed the Sigmat LGSF panel.

The new ‘in-line’ production facility allows the incorporation of fully glazed windows, sealing EPDM’s, insulation, membranes and brick tie channels, to be applied to the panel, all in one rolling assembly line.


Developed at our Leeds Manufacturing Facility, the first set of fully fitted 2D panels will be installed, fittingly, at our next Yorkshire site in partnership with our clients CITU.

The new panels represents a hugely efficient step forward, in terms of both site safety and programme time scales, as well as a vast reduction in terms of the threat of water ingress; also, never losing sight of the positive impact of reducing the carbon footprint of the project.

And we are not stopping there…

Working in partnership with our retirement living clients at McCarthy Stone, we have already made significant enhancements to the Phase 1 glazed panels, the latest version of which includes the external sheathing board, EPDM’s, rockwool insulation, membranes and brick tie channels. This means these new generation of panels will be 100% build-ready from the get-go with minimal onsite intervention required.


What does this mean in practice?

A worthwhile innovation must have worthwhile results. The new glazed panels will offer contactors and developers a myriad of tangible benefits including:

  • Significant time savings on every programme of works – estimated to reduce the delivery programme by up to 15%
  • Reduces the need for scaffolding & in turn reduces on-site safety risks
  • Aids water tightness, speeding up the build & reducing water ingress
  • Increases quality control levels
  • Less follow-on trades, which means reduction in labour costs
  • Elevates the green credentials of LGSF even further

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