Sep 2015 - Shetland school project won


Sigmat win Shetland school project with Morrison Construction.

Sigmat has won a major contract to design, supply and install a light gauge steel frame for a new three-storey school residential block in the Shetland Islands.

The design incorporates a SIGMAT light gauge steel superstructure which will create a 100-bed residential block at Lerwick’s Anderson High School, the largest school in the Shetland Islands.

The Sigmat team will start on site in January 2016 and work to a planned 18-week installation programme.

Unique logistics

The project logistics will be quite unusual. After reaching Aberdeen by road, the frames and our team will undertake a 12-hour ferry crossing to Lerwick.

Sigmat will be working closely with Morrison Construction, part of the Galliford Try Group. The residential block forms part of a £55.75m contract to build a new school for 1,180 pupils.

A significant win

Sigmat's Construction Director, Paul Smith said: "Following a highly competitive tender and interview process, we believe we were chosen for our experience, technical know-how and our 'one stop shop' offering.

We will design, supply and erect the complete superstructure. This will include a traditional hot-rolled steel ground-to-first-floor frame, which incorporates an innovative external panellised wall system that will be erected in conjunction with the transfer structure. The upper two floors will be light gauge steel.

We are looking forward to working with Morrison Construction and meeting all of the challenges presented by this landmark project."

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