Feb 2018 - Minimising Risk

Sigmat commits to stronger supply chains by signing up to Achilles Building Confidence


Offsite light gauge steel framing specialist Sigmat has become a member of the Achilles Building Confidence community which connects buyers and suppliers in the UK Construction sector.

Achilles uses a single, excellence standard prequalification questionnaire and audit to enable potential buyers to easily check and determine the capabilities of potential suppliers.

By joining the Achilles Building Confidence community Sigmat avoids having to repeatedly fill out the same information for every tender they submit to Achilles members. Achilles streamlines the process, improving speed and efficiency for all parties in the procurement and audit process.

Given the potential volatility of the sector, highlighted recently by Carillion, and  the investment costs of most construction projects, stable supply chains are vital to securing returns on investment and growth within the construction sector.

Paul Smith, Contracts Director of Sigmat said: "A significant part of our offsite philosophy is to minimise risk for customers by providing a single, comprehensive solution. The Achilles scheme is another time and cost saving element that we can offer to key industry players, so as they can be confident as to our credibility in terms of successful project delivery and trustworthy, through the business processes. It offers welcome transparency and a recognised quality standard for all parties."

Achilles Business Confidence is not only about financial stability it is also concerned with appropriate health and safety practices and up to date insurances and legislative compliance of suppliers.

"Achilles reassures buyers that suppliers are working to best practises from day one and that can only lead to positive outcomes and better working relationships for all parties," added Roger.

Brian Moone, Steering Group Chairman for Achilles Building Confidence said: "What I'd like to do, is to move to a position where working together with Achilles and our buyer members, we are focusing more on the value that can be added to a business - both to buyers and suppliers - following the audit process. The uniqueness of the audit process is to help the industry to improve through driving best practice standards. I want to help the industry improve itself."

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